Ahni & Chris are back in the studio at Laughing Frog Yoga this week.

Thanks to all of the guest teachers and friends who have kept this jewel of a studio busy with acro over the last couple of months while Ahni went away to do her project followed by our last couple of weeks of projects at Lighting in a Bottle & Wanderlust.

We have learned a lot on our travels and deepened our practice in ways which we hope will benefit the entire community. I, for one, took a very intense little master basing tutorial from Matt Giordano at Wanderlust which has been on my mind daily since. What I already knew but didn’t realize and what I learned will make me both a better base and a better guide for others in these skills. Big gratitude right now up in here!

This week Ahni & I are going to lead the class in an exploration of Daniel Scott’s machine called “Mobius Strip”. Daniel uses this as one of his prime calibration exercises. In August Daniel will be coming to Laughing Frog to teach on a Friday night. Over the next few weeks we intend to make sure everyone knows about his upcoming classes here in LA and exploring Daniel’s “Mobius Strip” will be our first attempt at this.

In this class we will cover inside stars, stars, koala pike press, back bird, and rotisserie and how to put it all together and give it tempo. By the end of class you should have a very clear understanding of how to do these poses, how to spot them, and stack the transitions. Everyone should come away with exercises to make their practices better as well as a clear understanding of what makes this particular piece so much fun.

Come! Bring water, a mat, and dance partner if you got em. But if you don’t it’s no problem. You can find a partner in class.

Class is $15 for 1.5 hours of instruction followed by 1.5 hours of open jam. Come play!

We hope you can come!

7:30PM to 10:30PM
Laughing Frog Yoga
11870 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90025