Thanks again to everyone who came this last weekend! Ahni and I had a blast!

Everyone did a great job! We have this idea that a class should be serving up fun, accomplishment, challenge, and inspiration. It was an honor to watch seemingly everyone in the class go through just those experiences.

There was lots of laughter and I know from all the smiles that fun was had.

Everyone accomplished something. The level of skill and confidence in everyone in the room with the basic throne both forward and reverse was impressive. I hope each of you can continue to develop your ease and comfort with thrones. They are an amazing pose from which to explore many extremely fun and challenging transitions.

Everyone was challenged. Some of the class were challenged by the vosh. There was tremendous challenge across the board by those who had little or no experience with vosh. And for those whom already had a comfortable vosh many were challenged and increased their skill by taking on the voshing machine.

I hope that everyone was inspired by the squaatz machine. I know I am! As each of you saw I am still challenged by doing that machine on my non-dominent side.

Thanks to all for attending and I hope that you can, in your personal practice, incorporate more of the vosh and the throne. You will be richly rewarded.

There will be a Games of Thrones II class in the not too distant future. We didn’t get to several thing and have more to share. Everyone keep working their throne as there is more challenging stuff to come.

Ahni and I will be teaching again at Laughing Frog on the 19th. We will be doing a class we call “Star Spotting”. There will be a couple of fun games and lots of stars.

More details will be posted soon as an event within the Westside Acro group