AcroHoop : AcroYoga & Hooping Take the Dance in Whole New Directions

AcroYoga and Hooping come together! Last night Ahni Radvanyi and Christopher Filkins debuted this Acro-Hoop-Love Show which has challenged us at the edges of our skills.

It has been a huge growing process for us both to develop this passion. The level of support and love we received last night from the community is stunning! We closed out a line up of an amazing set of artists we both look up to, we did it to a sold out show, and we debuted our new type of flow art.

On all levels last night has us humbled in gratitude for being asked to be involved in such a wonderful event. It is the flow that matters. Marvin Ong thanks from the bottom of our hearts for involving us in this special project and Derek Milner thanks so much for your incredible support and patience.