Wanderlust 2013 in Squaw Valley

Hollywood Blvd Acro Hoop

Today we filmed a sequence of our Acro Hoop flow on Bollywood Blvd. We did it right in front of Graumans. Such a fun time. At one point Darth Vader was caught on video watching us. I hope it turned out on video as wonderful as it seemed in person. Lots of fun can’t wait to see the results. We will post the video here when it is released.

Acro Love Performs with Reggie Watts

Ahni & I performed with Reggie Watts tonight! What a great opportunity. One of our goals is to be involved with as many creative souls as possible and wow it was amazing and so satisfying to watch and listen to his sound check. Highlights tonight included some really fun & inciteful jokes & social commentary on gay marriage and abortion. Ahni & I both really appreciate a good wit and tonight was full of wit. Another great moment tonight was the moment when Ahni was foot hooping and a mic stand was too close. We both realized it. When the hoop hit the stand I began to lose my balance and I slowly tipped Ahni off to my right. She mugged to the audience and we mounted right back into vosh and began the foot hooping sequence again. The audience frigging loved it. All I could hear was loud cheering. I love how easily Ahni communicates with our audiences.

Master Ong’s Lantern Flow Festival

Last night Ahni & I debuted a new choreography which has challenged us at the edge of our skills. Developing this has been a huge growing process for us both. The level of support and love we received last night from the community has us stunned! We got to close out a line up of an amazing set of artists we both look up to at a sold out show and we debuted our new type of flow art combining hooping and acro. On all levels last night has been humbling and amazing. We are both in such deep gratitude for being asked to be involved in such a wonderful event as Master Ong’s Lantern Flow Festival. It is the flow that matters. Marvin Ong thanks from the bottom of our hearts for involving us in this special project and Derek Milner thanks so much for your incredible support and patience.