Ahni Radvanyi & Chris Filkins are Acro Love. Over the next few weeks we intend to share many of the machines which we have written. This particular one is called “Arch Bishop” due to the mood we were in the day we wrote it and the particular type of arch the flyer must hold during the back side transition. Chris originally envisioned this from within a reverse star pose. It wasn’t until pretty recently that we started mounting it from bird.

This is a very challenging machine as the way that the weight is distributed behind the legs for the base is extremely difficult until you get used to it. The base should be prepared to put the big toe into the butt dimple of the flyer and essentially balance the flyer on the big toe for a split second. Also when coming out the other side the flyer is balanced completely on the base’s heel in a completely non-standard way. It is extremely fun because just as you feel like you will lose the flyer she suddenly rises up onto your heel in a most satisfying and surprising fashion.

Assuming we are not re-inventing the wheel we hope you like this and can learn from it. Someone may have done this particular move before while we thought we made it up ourselves. If you know of this machine with another name created by someone else please let us know. We are always looking to learn more.

Ahni & Chris have a 2 year practice together in Venice/Santa Monica California. We teach and hold to a very progressive training regimen for acrobatic type yoga. In the traditional Acro Yoga sense of the world we focus on solar as we both adore momentum and momentum and more momentum.

We teach regularly at Laughing Frog Yoga in Los Angeles and can often be seen training on the green at Original Muscle Beach.

In October of 2013 we will be hosting a week long retreat in Costa Rica to share our love of this discipline, vegan food, intentionality, and being in the present. If you would like to learn more search for “Destination Recalibration” on the interwebs.

You can also search for us on the facebooks under our names, and/or “Westside Acro“.

Stay tuned for more machines. Next week we will introduce the “Stupid”.

So it turns out we have re-invented the wheel! This move, or a very close approximation , was developed by Jacob Brown from up Oregon way. Great minds think alike! Looking forward to going through our catalog of innovations and posting them here so we can learn what we have created whole cloth and what we have re-invented. All respect to Jacob and his partners!!!