Ahni Radvanyi speaks fluent body language. In the practice of acrobatic yoga, she presents a style from the Seattle tradition. Chris and Ahni have been nurturing a focused practice for a year and a half, and are based out of Venice, CA where Muscle Beach can be called her current home-turf. Ahni and Chris call their partnership Acro Love.

Ahni’s movements in acrobatic yoga are animated by a background in belly dance, and an obsession with body hooping. Ahni’s flexibility is an echo of her gymnast past, which she uses in combination with Chris Filkins to explore the partnership of space. Lux Sternstein based out of Seattle, WA is her acro mentor. Ahni was introduced to Acro in 2009 by Sara Laimon. Ahni would not be who she is if not for her love of the hula hoop. She has been hooping for 5 years (began in Florida, introduced by Alexis), and currently performs regularly with “Electric Fairies” hoop sister Faeryn, Erin Fairy. The past half decade has been devoted to crafting leather clothing and accessories with Ahni’s fashion label “Resonating Threads.” She has most recently lived in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Quail Springs, and Tampa.

Ahni has also trained acro with former partners Adam Mednik, and Benjamin Pitcher. Her interest in circus arts were entertained by the fire spinning communities she has been involved with beginning in 2007, including “Combative Entertainment” from Clearwater and “Pyro Nation” of Santa Barbara, CA. She has a degree in fashion from the “International Academy of Design” and owns the leather fashion label “Resonating Threads”